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Brighton ~ Chapter 8 ~ The Web Series

Updated: Mar 25

Chapter 8: A Homecooked Meal


            There is one supermarket in Brighton, just the one. Bumping into people that you’d really rather not see is a habitual thing in these parts, unfortunately. Tugging the flaps of my fuzzy cardigan further around my now frozen body, I reached into the large freezer door to pull out a big tub of Chunky Monkey ice cream. After convincing myself that I did in fact not need a second tub in a different flavor, I turned around only to bump right into a very surprised looking Finn.

            “Chunky Monkey? That better not be all you’re eating for dinner...” He raised a brow in clear judgement.

            I shoved past him with a deep sigh. “Can I help you? If you’re looking for tampons, they’re in aisle ten, I hear they do wonders for a bloody nose.” I threw him a wink over my shoulder before starting back down the aisle.

            He fell into step with me and chuckled. “You plan on slugging me again anytime soon? Just let me know and I’ll go stock up.” I answered him with a firm punch to the arm.

“Seriously though, that can’t be your dinner,” he said, crinkling his nose at my basket.

            I started scanning my tub of ice cream at the self-checkout machine, as he scanned his own at the one next to me. “And do you have a better idea, because I can barely hold myself up right now, let alone cook a whole meal tonight.”

            He smiled, scanning a bottle of red wine. “I’ll cook. Your house, your kitchen, and you won’t have to lift a finger.”

            Snatching my receipt from the machine I finally looked up at him.







            Watching Finnley cook was like having the Statue of David as a personal chief. He moved with grace from one task to another with ease, chopping cloves of garlic and drizzling a frying pan with olive oil. The entire kitchen smelled amazing as he dropped two crusty pieces of French bread into the pain, rubbing them around in the aromatic oil before flipping them over. I had to look away when he tossed the live crabs into the boiling pot. That was definitely not something that I’d like to relive.

            All of that… and I still couldn’t help myself. I sat atop one of the tall wooden bar stools at the island, my eyes not leaving the tan curve of his muscular arm as he dropped chives into the pan and peered around at me.


His face was stern as he looked at me from under furrowed brows.

            I perked up, eyes wide, with a spoon half hanging from my mouth. “Hmm?

He wiped his hands on a nearby dish towel and made his way around the island to where I sat, and peered into the tub of ice cream, which was—

            “Whoops.” It was more than half gone.

Finn shook his head and laughed, before taking the spoon from my mouth and putting the rest of the ice cream in the freezer.








Finn poured us both a glass of wine as we finished up our amazing homecooked meal. Though, I had to admit I was full long before I even took a bite of anything he made. I’d had a mission tonight and it involved drowning my sorrows in a tub of ice cream, not even Mr. Movie Star was going to get in the way of that.

Not realizing that I was smiling to myself, I brought my wine glass to my lips.

“Something funny?” Finn swirled his beverage around in the glass, raising a gorgeously bushy brow. 

“It’s nothing. Everything was delicious, thank you for cooking.”

“Of course. But… Lennon, there’s something I wanted to mention to you, something that hasn’t sat right with me since it happened.” His concerned expression had me worried. I set down my wine, giving him my full attention.

“You’re scaring me a bit…”

“No no— It’s nothing that awful. It’s just the night we all went out to dinner and had a bunch of drinks. The first night you stayed at my house… Well, you asked me if anything happened, and I didn’t quite tell you everything. It just hasn’t sat well with me,” he continued, rambling nervously, “because you were piss drunk, and I just shouldn’t have let—”

“I remember that night.”

“You do?”

His confusion was almost comical as I watched multiple emotions appear and disappear from his features.

“At first things were fuzzy, but I eventually remembered everything. And I know you were just being polite in case I regretted it. The shower…The bathroom counter...”

His cheeks reddened as he took a sip from his glass and cleared his throat.

“Well, that makes me feel better about it then.” He studied me for a moment before he spoke again. “You look so tired, Lenny.”

Sighing, I downed my glass and brought it to the sink. “I am.”

He was behind me now, setting his glass on the counter. “I should go then; you need to get some rest.”

I turned to face him, the cold sink now pressing into my back as I took in how close he was to me. He didn’t shy away from our closeness as he looked down at me, something soft and gentle in his eyes. He bent to press his lips against mine briefly, grazing my cheek with his nose as he pulled away. I swear I could almost hear my heartbeat pounding throughout every vein in my body, he probably could too.

“What if I don’t want you to go?”

“But who will feed my fish?”

I pulled back and looked up at him quizzically. “You have a fish?”

He chuckled, his lips spreading into an infectious smile, showing a dimple on his right cheek that I hadn’t seen before.

“Nope.” His lips found mine once more, and I could feel the smile on them as his kiss lingered there, his laugh echoing on my skin. Then he pulled away again, backing up a single step. “Let’s go take a shower.”


I couldn’t help but feel a little weird that I was about to take a shower with a man in my grandpa’s house, while his ghost could very well just be chilling somewhere gawking at us. But at the same time, Grandpa told me to live, which in my defense is rather vague if you ask me. He definitely should have left some sort of instruction manual or list, literally anything else.

And yet here I was, undressing in this small steamy bathroom in front of the hunkiest of men. Finn watched, leaning against the bathroom sink with his shirt off, watching me pull my tank top over my head and tossing it on the ground. I finished undressing down to my bra and underwear before gesturing for him to take his turn and remove his pants.

He stepped away from the sink, his deliciously tan stomach rippled with ab muscles that moved as he did. His eyes didn’t leave mine as a smirk danced on his lips, and he undid his trousers with one hand and easily stepped out of them. He nodded his chin toward me, signaling that it was again my turn. Why had I only opted for one glass of wine? As confident as I might have been in the past, I felt heat spread across my cheeks as I became nervous and turned away from him to undo my bra and slip out of my underwear. I let my hair fall over my naked body and looked at him over my shoulder before stepping into the hot shower.

Allowing the warmth of the water to run down my chest, I closed my eyes, listening to Finn step in behind me and close the curtain. He reached his arms on either side of my waist and felt for the water. Arms clutched to my chest, hiding my breasts, I finally turned to face him, being greeted by his massive chest. He wrapped his arms around my back, pulling me closer to him. Only then did I feel him, hard between us, pushed up against my navel. Every part of my body began to ache for him, the need to stroke him with my hand nearly unbearable.

“You are so fucking beautiful.” Water droplets clung to his lashes as he gazed down at me. “Please don’t cover yourself… Not in front of me.” His lips parted as his eyes roamed my body, his hand grazing my side, moving to take my hands away from my chest.

My arms fell away from my breasts, as he moved to cup one, his thumb lightly grazing over the nipple. A small moan escaped my lips as he bent to close his mouth over it, sucking and nipping gently. His other hand reached down to cup my bottom, as he squeezed it and moved his lips to my neck. My hands couldn’t help but roam his body wildly, my nails grazing across his skin. His tongue trailed up my neck until he landed on my lips. I kissed him deeply and desperately, our mouths moving together, tongues dancing. I allowed my hand to wrap around him, and slowly began to move, his skin velvety soft. I swallowed his moan as his hand tangled in my hair. I bit his bottom lip, tugging lightly in return. I wanted him. I needed him. I had to taste him. I started to kneel in front of him when he stopped me.

“There will be time for that later. I need you. Now.”

My core was molten, and every part of my body ached to feel him inside me. I slid past him bracing my hands on the shower wall, looking at him from over my shoulder.

“Then fuck me, Finn. Fuck me like you need me.”

He blinked for a split second then his hand was on my hip and his other guiding himself to my entrance. The tip wide and full, pushing into me. We both let out a moan as my body wrapped around him fully. He leaned across my back and bent to whisper in my ear.

“You feel so fucking good.” He slowly pulled and reentered me, only a little harder. I held in a small scream. He stopped mid-thrust. “Am I hurting you?”

“Yes. No. But fuck, yes…” I slowly inched back onto him and pulled away only to slam my ass into him, letting out a moan. He chuckled.

“Ahh, I think I know what you want.”

One hand reached around to caress my breasts as he moved in me. My body slowly getting used to his size, he began to move faster, harder. His moan, an almost growl in my ear, he tangled his hand in my hair only to lightly pull me back against him. His kiss against my neck nearly made me melt against him.

“Deeper. Fuck, I want you deeper.” My words came out breathily, but I wanted to feel him closer, more fully. I wanted him to be as deep and hard as he could possibly go. It was like the need to be one moving thing was so overwhelming that my body knew what it wanted more than my own mind. He obliged.

He moaned my name, pulling my body closer to his as he pushed himself deeper inside me. He fucked me against his body, bending down to kiss me as he we harder and faster, until I came undone completely. My body tightening around him, my legs going a little wobbly, he didn’t slow. He moved in me until he came to the peak of his pleasure, emptying himself inside me. When it was all over, he leaned against the shower wall, pulling me against his chest to kiss me.

“I have wanted you since the first time I saw you.” He spoke against my temple.

“You mean when you peed on me?” I glared up at him.

“What you mean like this?” A bit of warmer fluid hit my feet.

“Hey!” I slapped his arm, stepping out of his stream as he laughed.




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