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Brighton ~ Chapter 7 ~ Web Series

Updated: Mar 17

Parts 1 & 2

Chapter 7: Part 1 ~ The Gift that Keeps on Giving


The meeting went as well as I could have imagined it would, with how ill prepared I am for a suit against my only family over a gift that I never even asked for. But even still, I was exhausted and so ready to be home. Just as I stuck my keys in the lock to my grandpa’s front door a female’s voice sounded from behind me.

“Lennon Bartolini?” Spoke the female.

I turned to find a tall woman with a short black bob staring down at me.

“That depends, who the fuck are you?” I said already having the feeling this was someone my mother had sent to give me grief. I turned back to the lock and twisted the keys, readying to open the door when she stopped me with a gentle hand to my shoulder.

“Ms. Bartolini, I have something from your grandfather for you. He left a notice with Williams Trust Company to have a letter sent to you in the event of his death, and to give you this key to a deposit box from our Trust.”

I about dropped all the things I held in my hands as my brain put together what she just said. Facing her fully then, I watched in shock as she handed me a large manilla envelope that seemed to have something of weight inside. I took it from her slowly and took a peek inside to find a letter and a silver key at the bottom of the envelope. I looked up at her, a million questions on my lips, but all I could manage was a nod.

“Read the letter and when you’re ready you can come and collect the contents of the deposit box. We were very sorry to hear Mr. Rockwell’s passing.” She bowed her head slightly and left, leaving me there alone on my doorstep.




My Dearest Lennon,

If you’re reading this, it means that something has happened to me… I’m so sorry, Kid. If I could have stayed by your side forever, I would have. You might be feeling a bit overwhelmed right now… But I need you to know that you gave me life. Watching you grow and thrive made my heart sing. You might have already found that I left you my home. I just thought losing it all at once might be too much. I don’t want my death to be the reason you stop living, Lennon. So, with this letter I want to ask you one last favor from Grandpa… Live. Live and be happy.











(BONUS ~ Finn’s POV) Chapter 7: Part 2 ~ Heaven or Hell?



            I spotted them across the club before they saw me. Purple and blue lights glinted off the disco ball above them, shooting glittery reflections onto their skin. I watched for a moment, seeing Lennon throw her head back in laughter against Keirra’s shoulder as they danced together. Lennon’s hair clung to her forehead with sweat, and had Keirra not sent me a photo of them popping ecstasy in the club’s bathroom earlier, I might’ve believed it was just from dancing. But that type of smile and glittering sheen across her body spoke volumes about what state she was in. Lennon's long tan legs moved to the music in her way too short dress that clung to her body like a disco ball of its own, each sequin shinning like a thousand tiny crystals under the moving lights. I slowly made my way through the dancing crowd as the music boomed when Keirra finally spotted me. Her smile was something vicious and vile as she bent to kiss Lennon’s neck. Lennon turned to face her as they danced together, throwing her hands above her head as she moved. Keirra quickly made her move then when I was still too far away to stop her. She bent forward grasping Lennon’s backside, hugging her hips so they ground against her own. Lennon’s arms wrapped around Keirra’s neck as she leaned in to tug on Lennon's lower lip with her teeth. She kissed her deeply, eyeing me the whole time as I came closer.

            “Here comes the fun police!” Keirra’s raspy voice was barely audible over the music as Lennon turned grinding her backside into her. She spotted me then, moving away from Keirra but pulling her along by her hand toward me. She beamed so brightly; I swear it lit up my whole world.

            “Finn! How’d you know to find us here? Isn’t this music amazing. I can feel it like a wave…” She said talking too fast, her eyes bloodshot and pupils as big as saucers. She moved one hand in front of her like she was a wave of her own. “Look, Feel…” She took that same hand and placed mine on top keeping her hand in that same wave motion. I couldn’t help but smile at her, she was like a sweaty little kid in a candy shop with all the music and colors surrounding us. Keirra lifted a brow and shrugged.

            “You’re in trouble.” I glared at her as I took Lennon’s other hand, which Lennon did not seem to like.

            “What are you doing?” She stepped out of my grasp and wrapped her arms around Keirra who stood almost a foot shorter than her. “This is my soulmate. Can’t you see how our auras are the same color?” A pout sprouted on her full lips.

            “Lenny… That’s just the lights.” I took a step closer to her. “C’mon lets get you some water. You’re sweating like crazy.”

            “Leave her alone, Finnley... We were having so much fun before you arrived, isn’t that right, Lenny?” She spoke in a pout to match the look on Lennon’s face.

            “Don’t call her that.” I growled.

            “Why don’t you join us, party pooper?” She made a kiss in my direction and winked.

            “Lennon, Let’s go,” I grabbed her arm once more and tugged. Keirra let go of her hand and she flew into my arms laughing.

            “I want to dance,” she said laying her moist little head against my chest swaying softly. She raised her gaze to meet mine, stars twirling around in her eyes. “Dance with me?”


As high as she was, there was nothing I wanted more than to stand there swaying with her in my arms. But the music picked up again and she turned to lean her back against me and pulled my arms around her waist. I could dance with her. We were already here; she was already intoxicated. What was the worst thing that could happen?

            I looked over her shoulder to see Keirra’s smile turn into a disgusted frown as she rolled her eyes and made her way back through the crowd.

            I bent to whisper in Lennon’s ear as we danced. “How did you manage to get together with her tonight?” Not at all liking that Keirra had gotten her rotten claws on her. She tilted her face up toward mine.

            “We bumped into each other when I went to get a bottle of wine after I heard from my grandpa.” Her lips tilted downward in a small frown. “He wants me to live.” She pulled away and did a twirl, her glittery arms up in the air around her.  Tears bloomed from her eyes as she again faced me, all the joy now completely drained from her face.

            “Oh, Lenny…” I watched her as she twirled and swayed to the music, tears slowly dripping down her freckled cheeks reflecting the colorful lights.

            “What if this is hell…” She continued to twirl as I stood there watching, “What if we have to live through hell, feel all the things... Life, love, loss, to know what it means to truly hurt… and only… only when you die you find peace.” I stilled her by placing my hands over her arms and looked into her eyes.

            “Lenny, let’s get you home, okay?”

            She sniffed. “Okay.”





            Ding dong. DING. DONG.


Why I was half naked on the kitchen floor was beside me, but if the doorbell didn't stop yelling at me soon, I was going to turn myself into the next Sylvia Plath.


“Shhhhhhh! I’m coming. Jeez.”

I scrambled off the floor, wiping the drool from my chin, and grabbed my robe off the back of a nearby chair before heading to the front door. Cracking open the door the blaring sun was blinding. I realized who it was when I saw her tapping shoe before I looked up to see my mother frowning up at me.

            “Goodness gracious, Lennon, It’s noon. Of course you’re still in your robe.” She pushed her way in. If only she knew what I was really up to last night, she would understand that I didn’t come to bed till about 3am, and therefore noon was actually too early if you’d asked me.

            “Mom, what are you doing here.” My voice sounded like I’d spent the last few days in the desert. She continued to walk into the living room, lifting up a picture frame to examine it closer before setting it down with distaste.

            “Are you sick? You should really take better care of yourself—

“Mom!” I was not about to let her make herself at home and pretend that she wasn’t a complete backstabbing bitch. “What the fuck do you want?”

She finally met my stare. “Our court date is next Friday, Lennon. I have an appraiser coming to get a final price for the property the day after.”

My jaw nearly hit the floor. “You haven’t won this case yet, how dare you set an appointment with an appraiser?”

Continuing to look around the house she spoke again, “Yes, well… It’s almost guaranteed that the house gets put in Paul and I’s name. So, I suggest you start packing and be ready to be out by Friday if not earlier, or we’ll have to have you removed.

I had to lean against the counter to stay upright, never mind the mind caving hangover I was experiencing. How could this woman who claimed to love me, the one who gave me life, rip my entire world out from underneath me. She made her way back to the front door as if she hadn't just torn my heart out.

“You should really eat something, Lennon. You’re looking far too thin, and you should try showering occasionally,” she said, pausing as she opened the door. “I do love you, darling." She put her sunglasses on and left, closing the door behind her.

My legs no longer capable of holding me, buckled under my own weight. I fell to my knees and began to sob.




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